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If you are launching a new product don't just get your label designed but also invest in a professional mock-up. This helps you to be able to start promoting and making sales from pre-orers before you product is on hand. It also avoids having to schedule a product photoshoot. This is time efficient and cost effective.


  • This service is to create the design for any product.
  • This is the deisgn only - no printing.
  • Mock up (relistic product image sample) is included
  • Products can vary from hair tools, to snack packaging and more
  • Pricing based on the # of unique sides/panels ie if it's the same on the left and right side then that's counted as 1 but if the top and bottom have different esigns then that's 2.
  • This differs from a mock up as each side is designed and provided individually fcor simple transfer to printing company etc
  • Please note: If your product has multiple variants (colors, flavor etc) please add that on to the number of panels/sides

Label Design w/ Product Mockup

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